Infinite Greyscale is Paul Mcdevitt & Cornelius Quabeck


The idea behind Infinite Greyscale records is to combine a piece of very special music with a limited artists' print. All of our records are single-sided 10" disks, with one side of audio and a screen-printed b-side. We work with some of the most exciting experimental musicians out there to bring out challenging and unusual releases. Commonly the records consist of a single long-form track. All of the cover artwork is handmade by us using a mixture of silkscreen & Risograph print. We hope you like what we do. 


We're both visual artists. In addition to our own work we spent several years working on collaborative drawings and paintings, exhibiting these internationally. Eventually we began to realise some of these projects in book form. Infinite Greyscale was founded in 2011 to publish and distribute our printed editions.

The name Infinite Greyscale was intended to suggest a wide range of possibilities using limited means (mostly our Risograph printer with only black ink). To date we have have explored different formats in making our books, with some titles being printed offset, others digitally and some made by hand. 

In 2013 we enlisted the support of David Hubbard and together decided to try our hand at producing vinyl records, starting with two good friends of ours: Gabriel Saloman and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma. We wanted to make something that was half-music, half-art, and so decided to combine a single audio track with a printed b-side. Since then we have released two or three records each year, exploring a variety of musical genres. We often exhibit the records and artwork in galleries and museums, and increasingly have been hosting live events. Check out our news page for more details and photos.

Please have a listen to our tracks via SoundCloud or through this site. If you like what we do, let us know, or even better support us by buying one of our records. Every sale makes a big difference to us keeping up this project. Thanks!


You can contact us here: infinitegreyscale@gmail.com

And view some of our individual artworks here: Paul McDevitt • Cornelius Quabeck